STW Counselling

Sex and relationship therapy South Lanarkshire
Individual and couples counselling

STW Counselling offers long and short term counselling to individuals and couples of any orientation who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship and sex life.

Susan Wright (PG DIP Counselling RegCORST) is a professional sex and relationship therapist based in South Lanarkshire.  Susan is a qualified Person-Centred counsellor, meaning that her style of counselling focuses on the client and how they perceive themselves and the problems they are facing.

Sex Counselling South Lanarkshire

STW Counselling works with individuals and couples struggling with a range of issues, but our main area of expertise is sex counselling.  We offer support with erection difficulties, vaginismus, male and female loss of desire amongst other specific sexual problems.

“People enter counselling for many different reasons and each person’s issues are unique. My focus is always on you and what you feel you want to bring into the counselling room.”

At STW Counselling we help our clients to explore thoughts and feelings which they may perceive as embarrassing or even shameful. We offer a safe place where you can talk freely, explore your feelings, and reach a new level of understanding about your situation, and yourself.  We provide a confidential therapeutic space for us to work together, and where you can find real support.

Our honest and open approach ensures that you can discuss and explore your personal choices, behaviours, feelings and beliefs, all without fear of judgement, reproach or discrimination. Our role is to help you to make choices and implement changes – not to make the decisions for you.  We tailor our sessions to your needs so you can explore your feelings and issues in a timeframe that you are comfortable with.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy offers a safe and confidential space for our clients to learn to address and manage their feelings and behaviours in a healthy way, and build strategies to help them to move forward in their lives.

We offer individual counselling sessions for a range of problems and situations, and specialise in sexual counselling and therapy.

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 Couples Therapy

Couples enter psychosexual therapy for many reasons – perhaps you want to explore a certain issue weighing on your minds, or maybe the two of you want help finding the passion and desire again.  We offer support and a safe space to help you through any sexual problems you may have. We offer couples therapy sessions for a range of problems and situations, and specialise in couples sex therapy.

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