Couples Counselling & Therapy

Sex and relationship therapy South Lanarkshire
Individual and couples counselling

Couples Therapy at STW Counselling offers a safe and confidential space for our clients to express their feelings about their relationship and start an honest dialogue with professional support.  We help our clients to learn to address and manage their feelings and behaviours in a healthy way, and build strategies to help them to move forward in their relationships.

The first therapy session at STW Counselling is an opportunity for you and your partner to ask questions and address any concerns you may have about the counselling process.  We will confirm our confidentiality agreement and explain to you both what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us in our time together.

Couples Therapy South Lanarkshire

Couples enter therapy for many reasons – perhaps you want to explore a certain issue weighing on your minds, or maybe the two of you want guidance through the ending of your relationship.  We offer support and a safe space to help you through any issues you may have.

No two families are alike, and when families blend together there can often be conflict.  You may have new step-children, or are introducing a new child to its half-siblings.  Perhaps children are less of an issue and it’s in-laws and extended families that are causing discord in your relationship.  Whichever external factors are weighing on you as a pair, counselling can be a great start in finding a way forward on your journey together.

Money and finances are another common reason for contention between partners, and a delicate issue to explore and navigate alone.  By involving a professional counsellor and seeking couples therapy together, you can get to the root of the friction and learn strategies to prevent future conflict.

Perhaps one of the most testing situations for any couple is when one partner has been unfaithful.  Infidelity can have a devastating effect on a relationship, but counselling can help you to speak to each other in a therapeutic space and discover together if there is a future for you as a couple, and if not, how you can move forward amicably.

Couples Sex Therapy South Lanarkshire

Sex can be the best thing in a committed, loving relationship, or it can be a negative, stressful source of sadness or conflict.  We specialise in sex counselling for couples, and can help you and your partner to share your emotions and beliefs in a safe, confidential space.  We can help you to communicate again in a way that serves you both, and help you to create strategies for overcoming future problems.