Couples Counselling & Therapy

Sex and relationship therapy South Lanarkshire
Individual and couples counselling

Couples Therapy at STW Counselling offers a safe and confidential space for our clients to express feelings about their relationship and start an honest dialogue with professional support. We help our clients learn to address and manage their feelings and behaviours in a healthy way, and build strategies to guide them in moving forward in their sexual lives.

Couples Therapy South Lanarkshire

We offer support and a safe space to help you through any issues you may have. By involving a professional counsellor and seeking couples therapy together, you can get to the root of the friction and learn strategies to prevent future conflict.

Couples Sex Therapy South Lanarkshire

Sex can be the best thing in a committed, loving relationship, or it can be a negative, stressful source of sadness or conflict.  We specialise in sex counselling for couples, and can help you and your partner to share your emotions and beliefs in a safe, confidential space.  We can help you to communicate again in a way that serves you both, and help you to create strategies for overcoming future problems